Workshop in competitive debate for companies

Do Debate is the only company in Denmark that offers workshops in competitive debate for companies and educational institutions. Far from ordinary sales training this is a workshop that combines teambuilding with argumentation and competitive debate.  All participants will be active the whole day and many afterwards comment on the ideal balance between theory and practical exercises.

Workshops are also conducted abroad.

Overview of the workshop:

Introduction to competitive debate

Engaging ‘quick-thinking’ exercises

A model for building arguments

Actor analysis

The importance of structure

Rules and strategy

Preparation and teamwork

An actual debate

Target group: Those who want to become more persuasive in their jobs, for instance salespeople, but also professionals who would like a fun day of teambuilding while simultaneously improving their communicative skills.

Participants: 6-14

Topics: The topic for the debate itself is agreed on beforehand with Do Debate and the contact person from your company.  Most often companies choose a topic that is relevant for their products/services. That way we can map the missing arguments so you will discover which of your own arguments need improvement.

Duration: 6 hours (for small groups ( 6-8)  it is possible to shorten the day to 4 hours)

Price: Please contact info@dodebate.dk and state the place, number of participants and duration. Workshops are also conducted abroad.

Here is a reference from the company YXLON Copenhagen that describes their experience of the workshop.

‘In YXLON Copenhagen we have had the pleasure of having Charlotte Ib from Do Debate conduct a workshop for our salespeople. It was an incredibly positive and different experience and we felt the workshop was unique in its combining argumentation with teambuilding. I have taken part in many courses on sales training but this is very different and with far more nerve with its focus on structure,  strategy and fast thinking. Moreover, it was very useful to practice the arguments for and against our products in the competitive debate itself which led to high levels of adrenaline even in our experienced and skilled salespeople. It meant that the motivation and intensity was constantly high and everybody felt both challenged and entertained.

As a teacher, Charlotte is great at keeping the focus and momentum of the participants and ensuring that nobody is freewheeling. Charlotte captivates the participants with her solid knowledge of debate and appeals to all levels of experience with her open, calm and straightforward personality. I can therefore highly recommend this workshop,  and there is no doubt that this is not the last time we have worked with Do Debate and Charlotte.’

Mads Transel, Head of Sales, YXLON Copenhagen